Inside the Designing of Lingerie: Designer Q&A

Inside the Designing of Lingerie: Designer Q&A

Who knew that women's undergarments could be so alluring and fashionable?! The world of lingerie has come a long way and has grown into the fun, sexy, and empowering garment that every Dreamgirl has in her closet. Lingerie is no longer a boring piece worn once or twice a year. It has evolved into something that is worn with pleasure and confidence. With this in mind, we sat down and asked our Dreamgirl designers a few behind the scenes questions about designing lingerie. Find out how an idea gets transformed into your favorite luxe styles. 

Favorite Thing About Designing Lingerie

Lingerie is not only fun to wear, but fun to design. One of Dreamgirl’s design directors, Lisa Dixon, exclaimed “Lingerie can be flirty, playful, mysterious and/or naughty, but it’s never serious, I love that.” At Dreamgirl, our lingerie is created by women for women. They love creating any piece that makes a woman feel empowered, beautiful and sexy.

Sketch from Lisa Dixon, Design Director of Lingerie

Getting Inspired

Dreamgirl’s designers get easily inspired from anything… and it gets transformed into an amazing garment. Some examples of inspiration come from fashion runways, sportswear, street wear, evening gowns, celebrity looks, and even hardcore fetish pieces. They absorb the concept of inspiration and either dial it up or down to interpret it for our customer.

Fashion Industry Evolving

Fashion is constantly evolving and changing. The industry has altered a bit since the early 1990s, when our team started designing. Currently, online shopping and direct to consumer has revolutionized the industry. Consumers are speaking and expressing what they want. They want inclusive designs with inclusive sizing. They want real clothing for real women. Consumers no longer want throw-away clothing, and fast fashion is slowly going out of style.  The new consumer is focused on quality pieces that will endure and not add to our ever-growing landfills. The new consumer no longer wants numerous pieces, and instead wants well made, special pieces that make them look and feel beautiful. When designing lingerie, our team wants the Dreamgirl to feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. 

Sketch from Julie Hunot, VP of Lingerie Design

Dreamgirl, the Brand

The Dreamgirl brand is designed by a team of women who have been with the company over a decade, each. They know and have grown with the brand. They thoroughly understand the brand, the consumer, and the products. They are always striving to make the brand better and it is truly a brand designed by women for women.

When asked what 3 words best describe Dreamgirl, our team immediately said “beautiful, sexy, and inclusive.” When you shop Dreamgirl, you are shopping quality and you are shopping inclusivity. Our designers are dedicated to listening to what the customer wants and what the customer wants to feel when wearing a piece of lingerie.


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