About Us


We’re Dreamgirl International, the trendsetting brand launched in 1978, by trailblazer and lingerie connoisseur, Patricia Fischer. With the belief that every woman should embrace her sexy side and feel empowered while doing so, Dreamgirl International grew and began to design styles that suited the modern woman’s wants, needs and lifestyle.

Since the early days, we have evolved into one of the fastest growing lingerie manufacturers in the world. We pride ourselves on our commitment to women or the dream girl as we affectionately call her. She’s always at the core of our work and drives every decision we make.

Our team of highly creative designers work to develop styles for women to look and feel their best. Our collection spans from the demure babydoll to the more overt bustier and sheer chemise to the signature 'Very Sexy' fetish lingerie collection. We design at every level including occasion appropriate bridal styles and curve-hugging plus-size pieces as well.

Each collection and each style is laced with a creative edge that keeps us on-trend and fashion forward. Our pieces are transitional and complementary yet modern. In a space as intimate as lingerie, we want women to get lost in their fantasies and enveloped in dreamy styles that exude sexy.

Why? Because we empower, we include, we vote for sexy and at Dreamgirl International, we believe that every girl is a dream girl no matter if she's an office professional, a stay-at-home mom, single, married, curvy, skinny, fit, quirky or just a girl who wants to explore a new side of herself.