Keep It Clean: How to Wash Lingerie

Keep It Clean: How to Wash Lingerie

Obsessing over lingerie, buying lingerie, and wearing lingerie is easy, right? Washing lingerie? Well sometimes that can seem like a bit of a daunting task. Your sometimes delicate lingerie pieces aren’t your favorite worn in tee that you can toss in the wash, instead, your sexy little lingerie styles require a little extra love and care. 

But we’re here to tell you, washing your pretty piece doesn’t have to be stressful or an uncertain experience. Instead turn it into a treat and show your special things some TLC the right way. After all, these pieces can make for some pretty epic moments, shouldn’t they be treated as such? 

We chatted up our head Dreamgirl designers and gathered some info to share with you on just how to wash your lingerie. Also, keep in mind, Ladies, we’re giving you general tips. Always read the garment label. Why? Well, because some styles may require dry cleaning, others might require wiping. It all depends. 


  1. Gather similarity colored garments (wash black with darker pieces or white with baby pink and so on). 
  2. Fill a sink with cold water
  3. Add a touch of detergent that’s specially formulated for lingerie or one that’s designed for more delicate garments
  4. Swish your pretties around a bit and give them a gentle squeeze--never ring or twist your pieces
  5. Lay them flat to dry, we don’t advise hanging only because this sometimes stretches out bands or straps
  6. When in doubt, follow the care label

We also advise pouring yourself a glass of wine and maybe listening to your favorite Billie Eilish song for the full experience. 

And always remember, your lingerie is like a good woman, treat her gently, love her and she’ll love you back. 



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