Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Sexy.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Sexy.

By now we’re all accepting our new fate--quarantine life. And while we could all go on about boredom or missing friends or wanting to get back to our day-to-day, we’re trying to look on the bright side. Why? Because when you’re a Dreamgirl, that’s just what you do. And because we’re confident that if you’re stuck at home with a special someone, you can make home life super sexy. 

Maybe now’s the time to tap into your fun side and explore a bit by wearing super cute bedroom costumes, next-level fetish lingerie pieces or flirty lingerie and loungewear. Quarantine isn’t sounding so bad right now afterall, is it? 

Let’s Play: The Bedroom Costume 

Perhaps you’ve found yourself with some extra time on your hands--you’ve organized everything in your closet and you need a break from Netflix. Create your own series by slipping into a bedroom costume. Whether you’re looking to take things into your own hands with a sexy cop costume or if you’re ready to completely submit and show up in our super popular gypsy goddess costume, this is your chance to create a little excitement in your space. And of course, you can always go for the classics. Make organization sexy in a naughy maid costume or alleviate some symptoms as a naughty nurse

A Little Fetish Fun

You’re on lockdown, why not get tied up? Aggressive? Perhaps. Fun during quarantine? Absolutely. Fetish lingerie is one of our faves and during this time, it could quickly become one of yours too. We’re talking about taking over the bedroom in fancy faux leather and latex styles harnesses, studs, straps and restraints.  Think peek-a-boo styles where you relinquish control to dominating next-to-nothing fetish lingerie sets where you take control. Ready? Set. Let go. 


She’s a Flirt

How about just making staying at home sexy the old fashioned way? Consider it done. Ditch your sweats while you whip up an afternoon snack for some flirty lingerie like the Halter Scalloped Teddy, the Eyelash Babydoll or Sheer Garter Slip. Hey even a sexy little soft jersey sleep set is a far cry from your newly adopted leggings and sweatshirt look. Honestly, the options are endless, but the point is to keep things super sexy while you’re home. When you’ve got nothing but time, you’ve really got nothing but time. 


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