Which Dreamgirl Are You?

Which Dreamgirl Are You?

Everyone has their own idea of what beauty can be. Beauty can be seen on the outside as well as through charm and personality. When we think of our ideal “dream girl”, many things come to mind. Is she funny, outspoken, timid, shy or is she just a bad b***h? Maybe this girl we speak of may not live on this planet but simply in our imagination?

With this being said, it’s not every day that you come across a lingerie brand that represents the many sides of a woman in the world of intimate apparel. Dreamgirl is a brand that encourages women to embrace her many sides and moods through lingerie that makes a statement without even having to speak. In a space as intimate as lingerie, we want women to get lost in their fantasies and become enveloped in dreamy styles that exude sexy.

Why? Because we empower, we include, we vote for sexy - and at Dreamgirl International, we believe that every girl is a dream girl no matter if she's an office professional, a stay-at-home mom, single, married, curvy, skinny, fit, quirky or just a girl who wants to explore a new side of herself.


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