10 Reasons to Love Lingerie in 2020

10 Reasons to Love Lingerie in 2020

No one can deny that this year has been unlike any other. But here at Dreamgirl, we’ve decided to focus on the positive. Because if you ask us, the lingerie world is full of positives! Sure, there’s a lot going on in the world and we honor, respect and acknowledge it all, but we still find reasons to smile like when we peer into our lingerie drawers only to see pops of color, lacey details, fun and playful pieces or those favorite fetish lingerie styles. Hey, even our sexy loungewear puts a smile on our face. So while it’s been a year of change and vast uncertainty, we’re believing in the power of lingerie for a little positivity and you should too, Dreamgirls... here’s why. 


1. Practice self-love 

Warm bubble baths, meditation and at home facials are fabulous forms of self love and self care. Add wearing lingerie to that list. We say that donning a sexy little lingerie set is a little reminder to yourself of just how beautiful you are--no matter what’s going on. A lacey lingerie set, a mirror and a selfie is sometimes all you need. Admire yourself in the piece and relish every moment that you spend when yourself in your lingerie. You deserve all the feels. 

2. Lingerie is your sexy secret 

Having a secret is invigorating. It makes you feel a bit of excitement and the air of mystery that comes with it is empowering. Que in the risque lingerie. Lingerie is just that--a sexy little secret. Wear it under your everyday outfit when you’re running to grab groceries. You’ll stand in the middle of the produce section knowing that underneath your casual summer look is a super sexy set. 

3. Celebration of your body

You’ll hear people say things like, “perfect body,” “bikini body,” “body goals.” To us that just means anybody in lingerie. And in 2020, it’s fair to say that a lot of us have learned to love our bodies much more--not only for how they look but for their good health. So take it a step further and celebrate the wonderful body you have with all of it’s perfect flaws and decorate it in a sexy teddy or a sweet babydoll

4. You can wear it as fashion

Lingerie is for the bedroom-- or so you’ve always been told. We say, take it to your everyday look. Bodysuits, bralettes, slips--even robes are the perfect way to amp up your style. We love a bodysuit or lace teddy with denim no matter what the season. And in a time where getting dressed up is happening a lot less, this saves you the stress of putting together a look. 

5. It’s an affordable luxury

No one can deny how luxe lingerie makes you feel. You feel like a million dollars in the perfect fitting bralette set or chemise or teddy--no matter what you spent. How can you not love lingerie for that simple fact alone?! You can spend less than $100 on a few pretty pieces and feel like the richest woman in the world. What else can do that for you? You don’t have to break the bank to feel spoiled. So treat yourself, you’ve def earned it.  

6. Lingerie is fun

Take a break from the blogs, the articles, the bad news or whatever and focus on some fun. Lingerie is a sure way to do just that. You can dress up in your favorite pieces and smile because they’re designed to bring about happiness and pleasure. Tap into that. Find the fun when times feel dark. A little fetish lingerie set can certainly help with that. 

7. Always you to learn more about yourself

Bet you never thought about this one. Lingerie is a great way to learn more about yourself! It’s a way to explore who you are. You can explore who you are sexually through lingerie and even mentally. Find out what piques your interest, what makes you feel beautiful and sexy and what turns you on. You’d be amazed at what a pair of thigh highs and garters can tell you about yourself, ladies!

8. It spices things up

This is a given. Lingerie’s most well-known purpose is to keep things fun and spicy in the bedroom. So use it for just that! Transform what may be the same old, same old into something fresh and exciting. Do some exploration as a couple. See what heats things up like never before. Then, thank your lingerie for the good time. 

9. It’s a release of your alter ego

You’re one person during the day on those Zoom calls, but you can be a completely different person at night when the meetings are over. Lingerie lets you tap into your alter ego and play up the lesser visited versions of yourself. If that’s the submissive or the domaninent version of you, the perfect piece of lingerie can foster that. It’s ok to be your other self sometimes, in fact, it’s more than ok--it’s empowering. 

10. You've got options

If lingerie does anything, it gives you options. You never have just one color or style to choose from. Go for a lingerie set, a sexy black nightie, a lacey teddy or a cheeky romper. The options are endless and that’s something to get excited about. 


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