Let’s Play: Fetish Lingerie

Let’s Play: Fetish Lingerie

What do you think of when someone says “fetish lingerie?” Maybe you think that’s not my style or maybe you think give me all of it.  Whichever category you fall into, we’re going to get you excited about this unique group that so many Dreamgirls are all about wearing.

What is Fetish Lingerie?


Some of you babes might be asking this. And to be quite honest, it’s a normal question. Fetish lingerie is any style that harkens the essence of fantasy. It’s typically provocative and not an everyday wear sort of style. All in all, fetish lingerie is all about exploration, role play, and erotic fun. It’s not uncommon for these pieces to be made from materials like latex, leather or faux leather, spandex, rubber, or nylon for example. And they typically have details added to enhance playtime like restraints, grommets, zippers, hooks, and more. Keep in mind, fetish fashion sometimes gets confused with cosplay fashion, but they aren’t the same. 

What’s even more fun about fetish lingerie is the wide range of styles you can shop. You aren’t limited to fishnet catsuits for example. You can always find a style that suits your body type and comfortability level then make it even more risque with accessories--heels, garters, thigh-highs, boots--whatever. 

First Time Fetish

So now that you know what fetish lingerie is, it's’ time to explore the styles. All of your first-time fetish gals might be unsure of what you want. Well, here’s our advice. Ask yourself these questions: what’s the fantasy you’re playing into? Do you want to be submissive or dominant? And what styles do you typically feel most sexy in? Once you’ve got the answers, you can go from there. Fetish is all about you (and your partner) and what you’re trying to make become a sexy reality. It’s about pushing both of your boundaries and getting the most out of the experience. And it’s about looking and feeling the part from start to finish. 

Our Fetish Faves

We’re biased so of course, we love everything on our site, but if we had to choose a few faves for both fetish newbies and veterans, these would be our picks. 

The Fishnet Open Cup Chemise Fetish Play Set. Why? It’s got everything--sexy details, a welcomed mix of faux leather and fishnet styling, an open back, open cups, and a panty to match. This is the perfect piece to start to play out those naughty fantasies and still feel comfortable. 

We also vote in favor of the Studded Neckline Fishnet Teddy. Taking things next level with restraints, this style is a classic teddy with g-string styling and a halter neckline. You can show off everything and be totally submissive in this style. And if that’s the vibe you want, you’ll most certainly get it. So give up control in this one and let your partner run the show. 

Another essential? The Open Cup Harness Bra with Spanking Skirt Set. Ideal for the seasoned sub or dominant, this style is leather-look style that’s perfect for role play. With open cups and an open back, you can let some outrageous fetish fantasies play out. All the detail makes this the ultimate in fetish lingerie. Pair it with thigh-high boots and get ready for some serious playtime.


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