Meet Dreamgirl: Amber Nichole Miller

Meet Dreamgirl: Amber Nichole Miller

Some girls can just do and be it all. Amber Nichole Miller is that kind of girl. A striking beauty at 5’9 the leggy blonde with the infectious smile is more than a (really) beautiful face and amazing body. She’s a model, an actress, a wife and a mama. We talked to Amber a beach babe, who’s been modeling lingerie for years. Her photos are proof that she knows sexy. And we’re obsessed with how she works it in Dreamgirl lingerie sets.

Amber is all about feeling empowered and supporting women to not only look their best but to find what makes them feel best and be exploratory when it comes to lingerie! She’s a bonafide lingerie lover and we like that, but she also knows how to make it work for her by working it into fashion and bringing into the bedroom--if only for a few moments. Catch our q&a with this bombshell (and get lost looking at her pics too). She’s living proof of what it is to be a Dreamgirl--the girl who can do and be everything and always keep it sexy. 

First thing’s first, how many pieces of lingerie do you own? 

I probably have around 3 full drawers of lingerie. I LOVE lingerie and I’ve been modeling lingerie for a really long time. If I had to make a guess...I’d probably say around 200? Hahaha

What’s your favorite type of lingerie piece: teddy, babydoll, bra and panty set, chemise or something else?

I love all lingerie. But I have to say that my favorite type of lingerie--and I still  wear it every single day--is a beautiful pair of matching panties and bra. I really think it is the ultimate in sexy. And it helps you just to feel confident before you put on your clothes--even if no one sees it. I love it. Especially if it’s lacey and pretty. 

What do you love most about wearing lingerie?

Just the feeling of empowerment, the feeling of sexy--even feeling sweet and demure. Wearing lingerie gives you so many different things. And it depends on what kind of lingerie you’re wearing....because it could change your mood!

If you were a piece of lingerie, what would you be and why?

Girls, I guess I’d be a really beautiful bra, but one that’s supportive and sexy. 


What’s your advice to women who want to delve into the lingerie world, but might be a little timid?

Don't be timid about buying are beautiful. Any shape, size...whatever. It’s meant for empowerment. It’s meant to make you feel sexy. There are so many ways you can take lingerie. And if you just buy a really pretty matching bra and panty set, that’ll take away all of your uncertainty and give you a good starting point. 

Who do you think is the ultimate representation of female empowerment and why? 

One of my favorites is Jennifer Lopez. I think she’s beautiful, she’s timeless--she’s obviously ageless! Her style is sexy and classic and she just exudes a powerful, dominant, smart woman. 

Your favorite inspirational quote or words you live by:

My favorite quote for a really long time has been “life is what you make of it, so make it fun.” That’s been my quote for a really long time. But now I’m not so much living by that quote, but by an overall feeling. I'm a life lover and a good vibe influencer. So I feel like if you can be an influencer of anything, I think that it should be love it should be good vibes. We should strive to live in positivity. 

In your opinion, what is “Dreamgirl”?

I love Dreamgirl! Dreamgirl Lingerie is so sweet to me and they given me so many beautiful pieces that I just love. Dreamgirl to me, is like a one stop shop. If there’s a piece of lingerie you like, I’m pretty sure you’ll find it and everything you need to go with that lingerie.

Finish this sentence: Lingerie goes best with….

Every outfit! It goes best with eyelashes, a nice lipstick, the perfect pair of shoes. It goes with everything. You can wear it everyday since it’s under your clothes. Or you can wear it to bed. My man doesn’t prefer lingerie--he’d prefer I wear nothing! Hahaha


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