Pleasure Zone: Selfies + Sexting

Pleasure Zone: Selfies + Sexting

No doubt all this time at home and taking advantage of our "STAYINSIDE" SALE has you more active on Instagram and other social apps than ever. Whether you’re sharing your banana bread recipes, TikToking to the day’s new challenge, or showing off your at-home workouts, your phone’s camera is getting some serious use. And if you’re a real Dreamgirl, you’re taking lingerie selfies for yourself or for that special someone--even if they’re just in the next room. Isolation has a lot of us engaging in more naughty text than ever according to reports. And hey, can you blame us?!

Well, Dreamgirls, we’ve got some tips for you on taking the best selfies. Naturally, you want to show off that pretty face and at the same time, you want to show off the killer lingerie you’re wearing, right?! While we’re on the topic of telecommunications, ladies, we’re also giving you the scoop on just how to up your sexting game right now. Dating may be at a halt, but a little clean (dirty) fun isn’t. 


Love Your Selfie

Everyone knows how to take a selfie, but not everyone knows how to get the best selfie for some sexy texts or just a sexy IG post in your new Dreamgirl. 

  • Rule number one? Get the right angle. Tilt your head to the left and to the right to see which you like best. Remember, you want the light to hit your cheeks.
  • Almost as important as rule number one--rule number two--shoot in natural’s key! It gives you a real-life glow. Never ever shoot a selfie in fluorescent lighting, ladies. It’s a mood killer.
  • Try to stay away from any other harsh lighting this includes sunlight directly on your face and any light that casts shadows. It means less of a glow and can create some unwanted weirdness in your shot.
  • Your front flash can be your friend. Especially if you’re feeling yourself and your look, but it’s a little dark. Don't be afraid to use it for a subtle glow, but be careful.

  • When in doubt, mirror selfie. These are fabulous. And they’re particularly wonderful when you're showing off a whole look--like a Dreamgirl lingerie moment. 
  • Smile sometimes.
  • Morning selfies are always sexy.
  • Don’t be afraid of filters. They’re fun and they can give you just the vibe you’re trying to achieve. Some even put makeup on you so that’s a double win.
  • Give yourself options. Don’t just take one take at least 20. We’re serious. 

Let’s Get "Sexty"

So now you’ve got a phone full of hot selfies. What do you do with them? If they’re a little too racey to post on your Instagram (Fetish lingerie lovers, listen up), send them. Reports are coming out that during this global pandemic, sexting is at an all-time high and people are still finding ways to have a little naughty fun even if they can’t be in the same room.

So what’s a sext? It’s anything suggestive or a detailed communication of your fantasies, but it can come through in a variety of ways. Nudes, cleavage shots, dick pics, dirty talk, salacious videos, and even a string of emojis (peach, eggplant, water droplets) all fall under the umbrella.

We’re all about sending them. And they’re especially fun to send out of the blue to someone you’ve been seeing lately. But we all know in the pandemic age--anything goes and you could spark up a sext session with someone you’ve been interested in for a while. The Feeld app (an app for singles, couples, and those interested in alternative relationships) launched a section called “Sext Bunker.” Here there are no frills. Jump in and get your sext on. This is a fun place for you to let loose and maybe meet someone for a (safe) post-pandemic romp after all of those hot and bothered text sessions. 

We could go on and on about the ways, the stats, and the stories, but we think you ought to get into some sexting for yourself and see how much fun it can really be. With all this time on our hands, why not use those hands for a little pleasure (pun intended). Here are our tips for sexting. Use them or don’t, but def find some pandemic pleasure. We could all use a little...

  • First off...make sure it’s cool and everyone’s ok with it. Don’t make someone feel uncomfortable. Not only is it bad for them, it’s bad for your experience and could turn you off instead of on. 
  • Start with foreplay. Whatever that means for you. We suggest some teasing and easing into the whole thing. The best sext (like sex) comes with some lead up. 
  • Have some pics aka thirst traps ready to go. No doubt that person on the other end is going to want some visuals--don’t you? Show them your sexy Dreamgirl style, then move on to the more risque snaps. 
  • Get creative. Whatever that means to you. 
  • Do what feels sexy and don’t judge yourself. Let go and be free. 
  • HAVE FUN! 



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